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Catholic Schools Week

By Zoey G.

Catholic Schools Week is the celebration of all Catholic schools. According to the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), we have Catholic Schools Week to celebrate the excellence and impact of Catholic schools. Many Catholic schools do things to help out their community and show their appreciation for their founders. Some examples of things that schools do during catholic schools week are:

  • Community service
  • Mass
  • Sending letters to the church
  • Donating objects
  • Having food drives
  • Having fundraising events
  • Volunteer during different events 

During the week of Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, our school celebrated Catholic Schools Week by holding a pep rally, making mercy bags, doing a buddy rosary activity, and writing letters to the sisters. An article from Hallow states, “Catholic Schools Week is an annual initiative led by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) to celebrate the excellence and impact of Catholic schools. Each year, Catholic schools observe the celebration through various activities, emphasizing the importance of Catholic education.”

“We wrote letters to the SNJM sisters asking them questions about their Catholicism and some of them responded, which was fun,” says Abby N.

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Clubs That Should Be Added in Middle School

By Zoey G. and Amelie S.

At Academy, there are multiple afterschool clubs that are offered to middle school students, but there could be even more variety. We have some ideas for more clubs that could be offered to expand the variety of clubs. According to The Princeton Review, “…Participation in clubs can hone your communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach you how to work effectively with other people.”  

Ribs and Rosary & Chicken and Chess

Both Ribs and Rosary and Chicken and Chess were suggested by Mr. Fulton and Mr. Trueman. Chicken and Chess would be about the supervisor (whichever teacher is in charge) making/bringing chicken to make/eat while students learn and play chess. In Ribs and Rosary Club, you would get to eat some wonderful ribs while praying and talking about the rosary. 

History Club 

In History Club, the people who partake in it would get to strengthen their knowledge of history. Mr. Trueman and Mr. Buysse, if they choose to participate, would make social studies more fun than in class. 

Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club would be like drama class, but you would make your own skits throughout the year and have a large play at the end. The Performing Arts Club could possibly partner up with Film Club to make an end-of-the-year movie. 

Film Club

Film Club would be like the Book Club but watching movies, shows, and short films and analyzing them for key events and styles. Near the end of the year for the club, students would make their own short films. We think this would be a good addition because it would improve the students’ taste in arts and expand creativity. 

Gardening Club

In Gardening Club, we would make a garden, where the last garden was, in the parking lot of the faculty. One (or more) teachers would overlook and manage the garden and keep it up every week. People in the club would learn about different plants and how to properly take care of plants. 

Editing Club

In Editing Club, we would learn about different transitions and learn how to use various editing apps and websites. You would also get to make edits to the school’s social media pages. We feel this would be a great add-on to the middle school clubs. 

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Study Hacks to Help Get an A

By Amelie S.

I am guessing you have a test that you need to study for. I’m also guessing that you have not prepared for it one bit. So, I will give you some easy ways to study and memorize. 

  1. Write down your notes by hand

Though it may be easier to type your notes, according to Deep Patel of Entrepreneur, it is more effective to actually write them by hand. Writing notes down by hand helps your brain retain information better through muscle memory. This muscle memory will help keep the information in your brain for longer which will help you remember the information on the test. 

  1. Mnemonic devices

These are patterns of letters or sounds that help you remember large amounts of information. One that you’ve probably heard of is the “ABCs”. Other examples of mnemonics are “PEMDAS”  and “Dear King Philip Came Over For Good Soup”. Mnemonics help to simplify and compress info to make it easier for you to remember. These especially help memorize, or help, long or hard materials. 

  1. Brain Breaks

Sometimes in class or when studying you can kind of “zone out” or get distracted. This usually happens when feeling overwhelmed or confused. So, brain breaks can give our brain a break and sort of re-focusing it. Whether it’s a minute or ten, it can help you to re-focus your brain. 

I hope these tips will help you ace your next test. I also wish you luck on your assessments!

Never regard study as a duty, but as an enviable opportunity to learn.”

– Albert Einstein 
Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters, Unsplash
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The Summary of Latin vs. Spanish

By Zoey G.

At the end of 6th grade, students get to choose between two different languages that they have to commit to for the next two years of 7th and 8th grade. The options are either Latin or Spanish. For Latin, your teacher would be Mrs. Hahn, and for your teacher, in Spanish, you could either get Señora Fernandez or Señora Peate. All of the teachers are great. You should weigh your options carefully while choosing between Latin and Spanish because there are pros and cons to each language. 

Activities in Latin:

  • An induction ceremony 
  • A trip to a convention for Latin
  • GoNoodle exercises 
Image Credit: Zoey G.

A Look at Latin Life:

On Nov. 3, 2022, the Latin club inducted some new members from the 7th grade. During the induction ceremony, 8th graders performed the actions to induct the 7th graders into the club. Some of the roles performed by the 8th graders were: High priest, Latin Spirits 1, 2, 3, and 4, and an 8th grader who passed out the new members’ Latin Club membership cards. At the end of the ceremony, they had some mini water bottles and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, M & M cookies, and muffins. As Gigi L. said in the Latin induction ceremony, “Only cool kids take Latin.” 

In Latin, you have a fast-paced class, where Mrs.Hahn talks to you about different things, and you have to pay attention when she says something because it’s usually on the test.

Activities in Spanish:

  • Quizlets
  • Kahoots
  • Brilla
  • Pelota 
  • Conjuguemos
  • Spelling words/sentences in Spanish

Work in Spanish:

In Spanish, depending on which teacher you have, you do different activities but cover the same topics. For example, in Señora Fernandez’s class, they play Flashcards, but in Señora Peate’s class, they don’t. In Señora Peate’s class, they play Pelota which is a game in which you play with a ball and you answer questions. We also play another game with a ball called Brilla where you spell out words and sentences in Spanish. Both Brilla and Pelota are played only in Señora Peate’s class. Both Spanish classes play Conjuguemos which is an online game that people use to study Spanish. 

Amelie S. stated that, “Personally, I like Spanish better since I have been taking it since I was in like 1st grade.” 

Similarities of Spanish and Latin:

  • Both are fun in different ways.
  • They both have games/brain breaks.

Differences between Spanish and Latin: 

  • The styles of teaching are different.
  • They have different types of activities during class. 

In 2022-2023, more people in 7th grade chose Spanish as their World Language than Latin, but that could always change next year.

Photo Credit: Zoey G.
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Welcome to the Academy, Mr. Belush

By Gigi L.

This year, there is a new member of the AHN 8th grade team. His name is Mr. Belush, and he teaches social studies and religion classes.

Q: Where did you teach before you came here?

Mr. Belush: Leonard High School in Shanghai, China, then Dowdell Middle School

Q: Why did you decide to come to the Academy?

Mr. Belush: For better opportunities, professional growth, and higher academia

Q: How do you like it here so far?

Mr. Belush: It is absolutely amazing

Q: Now for the important stuff. Which fast food restaurant do you believe has the best french fries?

Mr. Belush: *Contemplates* Mel’s Hotdogs loaded fries

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Mr. Belush: I really don’t watch TV.

Q: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob and why?

Mr. Belush: I’m Team Jacob, werewolves all day. OMG TAYLOR LAUTNER!

Q: What is your favorite football team?

Mr. Belush: The New York Jets

Q: You’ve been given a raccoon. You cannot give away or sell the raccoon. What would you do with the raccoon?

Mr. Belush: If it’s a baby raccoon, I’d house-train it. If it’s an old raccoon, it’s a chew toy for my dogs.

Q: If you were a Bath and Body Works candle, what would you smell like?

Mr. Belush: Pumpkin spice. I’m basic.

Q: If there was a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

Mr. Belush: Samuel L. Jackson

Q: Finally, the most important question. This question may make or break your career. Who is your favorite Teletubby?

Mr. Belush: La La 

Although I do not agree that La La is the best teletubby, overall, Mr. Belush seems like a pretty cool guy. Welcome to the Academy, and we hope you have a great time here.

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Interview With Mrs. G

By Amelie S.

Mrs. Gonzalez, also known as Mrs. G, is an eighth-grade teacher at AHN, and she has been teaching at Academy for a couple of years.

What made you want to teach? 

When I was in college, I got a job at a preschool.  After a few months of working there, I changed my major from Business to Education.

How long have you been teaching? 

This is my 14th year of teaching.

Do you have a pet? 

Yes, a Basset Hound named Max

What are some of your favorite places you’ve traveled to? 

I love France, Italy and Spain.  But this summer I traveled around Florida, and I really loved visiting St. Augustine.

Do you like your students this year? 

Yes, of course! I like my students every year.

What are your favorite foods?

Pizza and sushi rolls

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What Happens At Chain Reaction?

By Amelie S.

Chain Reaction is one of the fun events that AHN hosts! Chain Reaction happens almost every late September, and everyone who’s at Academy, kindergarten through high school, can come to this fun event! High schoolers at Academy organize fun activities like bubbles, one-legged races, and soccer. There are kickball games that middle schoolers can play or watch. 

For food options, the Dads Club grills hot dogs and burgers and sells other items like chips, sodas, Capri Suns, and candy. There are a lot of appetizing sweets like ice pops, doughnuts, cookies, and mini bundt cakes. This past Chain Reaction they even had a Kona Ice truck visit! 

The Mothers Association raffles off baskets. These baskets are either donated or put together by the moms. Another thing that really is exciting is the pie-in-the-face that happens at the end of the Chain Reaction. Chosen teachers and some other staff members are chosen to get “pied.” Kids pay for tickets to get drawn to throw a pie in someone’s face. 

Image Credit: AHN eNews

All the money that is collected from this event is donated to pediatric cancer research. This is in honor of Cailin Capri Canella. She was a former student at Academy who was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. 

Overall, Chain Reaction is a lot of fun. It is also a great way to connect with friends, too. All the activities are extremely entertaining, and I would definitely recommend going if you want a fun time with your friends! 

I love the food and the cause for Chain reaction is good. The activities at Chain Reaction like the three-legged race are fun to do with friends.” Zoey G. 

I like the pie-in-the-face, and I like hanging out with my friends. I really like the cause.” Abby N.