Academy Life

Foursquare’s Problems

By Amelie S.

Foursquare is one of the main activities you can do at recess. Many people play it all year during recess, extended day, and early bird on Wednesdays. But, it has some problems. 

  1. Holds 

Holds are one of the most annoying things that people do in foursquare. At Academy, holds are not allowed, and you can get out because of them. However, many people still continue to do this because people do not care about the rules enough. 

  1. Redos

Another really annoying thing that happens in foursquare is when people call redo even though they know they are out. For example, if someone hits the ball in someone else’s square, the person will call redo because they do not want to get out. 

  1. Inside out, outside in

This rule is really confusing, and everyone forgets it exists. The rule says that if someone hits the ball on a line inside the square, the person is out. It also says that if a person hits the ball on the outside line, it is still in, and the person just does a redo. This leads to many redos and arguments if people stay in or get out. 

According to the American Federation of Teachers, in 2015, only 34.9% of elementary schools let their sixth graders have recess. So considering that statistic, the students of AHN should be happy and thankful that we have recess time in addition to lunch through the eighth grade.