Academy Life

State Latin Forum

By Duaa K.

You can also read more about the Regional Latin Forum, which was held locally at Plant High School in February.

From March 30 to April 1, seven 7th through 9th grade Latin students participated in the Orlando Junior Classical League State Forum at the Wyndham Resort and Convention Center. Middle School Latin teacher, Mrs. Hahn, and High School Latin teacher, Mrs. Newman, sponsored the AHN Chapter of the Junior Classical League. There were 900 students from 41 different schools that attended the Forum. The Academy Middle School won the 2nd place sweepstakes trophy for creative arts, and several others won individual awards! Indeed an unforgettable competition!

Day 1 – All Latin students who planned to attend the Forum departed from school around noon time with their pre-picked chaperones who drove students to the hotel and back home. Once we arrived at the hotel, we received our hotel key and were required to sign our projects in so they could be judged for awards. Next, we got dressed in our best togas and went to the Voting Assembly, where we participated in a Spirit competition and learned more about the FJCL Council. If I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t the most entertaining, but I was really looking forward to going to Wawa afterward. Near the hotel were two savior stores, Starbucks and Wawa. Without these, I don’t know how my friends and I would have survived. After the trip to Wawa, my friends and I explored the hotel and went to bed shortly after check-in.

Day 2 – We started the day bright and early and took our selected tests, which for me were, Mottos, Quotes, and Abbreviations. Then, my friends and I headed over to Starbucks for breakfast. After we all finished our own events that we had to complete, we met up at Wawa. My events were Bellum Aquae (Water Balloons) and Voting Delegate (voting for the future FJCL council). Then, we returned to the room to finish our homework and then went to Starbucks again! (Wawa and Starbucks were quite the popping places.) Afterward, we went swimming in the Hotel Pool and had some pizza. Next, we got dressed to watch the Talent Show and go to the dance. After the dance, we packed, headed to Wawa for the last time, and finally, went to bed.

Day 3 – Final day! We had a late start, finished packing, and headed to the awards assembly. After the four-hour long assembly, we left with our awards in our hands and headed back home!

The State Forum awards include…

7th Grade

Jenna B. – Creative Competition: Game – 4th

Hagan J. – Creative Competition: Pottery/Sculpture – 3rd

Duaa K.  –  Academic Test: Latin Mottos and Abbreviations – 3rd; Creative Competition: Miscellaneous, Jewelry – 4th

Sophia W. –  Academic Test: Mythology – 6th; Creative Competition: Mixed Media – 1st; Olympika: Marathon – 1st; Ludi: Impromptu Art – 8th

8th Grade

Josie C. – Academic Test: Roman Customs – 10th; Creative Competition: Map – 2nd

Jaime F. – Academic Test – History of the Roman Empire – 8th; Creative Competition – Miscellaneous, Shield – 9th; Olympika: Marathon – 4th; Ludi: Mystery Test – 5th

Aidan P. – Academic Test: Classical Geography – 9th; Creative Competition: Chart/Poster – 5th

Sara P. –  Academic Test: Hellenic History – 4th; Creative Competition: 2D Digital Art – 4th

Lauren R. – Creative Competition: Pottery/Sculpture – 9th

Claudia R. –  Academic Test: Classical Art – 5th, Creative Competition: Painting – 3rd

Chloe S. – Creative Competition: Map – 2nd

Margarita V. –  Academic Test: English Derivatives – 3rd; Creative Competition: Drawing – 5th; Ludi: Impromptu Art – 8th

9th Grade

Ashleigh C. –  Academic Test: History of the Monarchy and Republic – 7th; Creative Competition: Dramatic interpretation – 1st

Khloe C. – Open Certamen: 1st; Academic Test: English Derivatives – 3rd; Creative Competition: Textile – 6th; Ludi: Mystery Test – 2nd