Rating MLP Characters

By Amelie S.

Twilight Sparkle: 

I used to love her when I was little and used to watch My Little Pony almost every day. Now, I just think she is plain overrated. For example, she is always the savior, always the face of MLP, and always the main character. Every episode. Like the script writer just could not just highlight a different pony for one episode? 

Apple Jack: 

She’s good, I guess. Definitely not my favorite character. Her accent really annoys me, which is part of the reason I dislike her so much. She is also just a bit too Western for my taste. I get that she lived on an old fashioned apple farm, but the other worlds and towns are more updated than the family’s farm. 

Rainbow Dash: 

When I first watched this show, I thought that Rainbow Dash was a guy. The voice and the coat design were why I thought she was a male. But, then I realized that she was a girl when Twilight Sparkle and other ponies kept saying things like, “Come on girls!” 


I see Rarity as a bit of a bossy brat. She thinks so highly of herself; it’s bad. She’s always flipping her hair and changing her ugly outfits. She also has this really bossy-brat voice, too. Also, when she poses, her eyelashes and her eyes look like mosquitoes. 

Pinkie Pie:

Best for last, guys! Pinkie Pie. My favorite character currently. Pinkie Pie is so funny and energetic. She is also really cute. I love the chaotic energy she puts out constantly. Plus, the big confetti cannon that just seems to follow her around everywhere is amazing. 

“My favorite My Little Pony character is Pinkie Pie because Pinkie Pie is cool and iconic.” ~Nyah L.