Have You Heard of These Crazy Sports?

By Zoey G.

I am sure you have heard of regular sports such as, dance, cheer, basketball, football, soccer, etc., but have you ever heard of a sport like Bossaball? In this article I will be talking to you about insane sports you probably have not heard of before. 

Images Credit: Flickr and Wikimedia Commons
  1. Wife-carrying

Yep, you heard me right. Wife-carrying. Wife-carrying is exactly what it sounds like. A sport that proves chivalry isn’t dead. A sport of husbands carrying their wives through obstacles against other spouses. How do the husbands carry their wives, you may ask? Well, they strap them over their shoulders. Crazy, right! A whole race run with obstacles is one thing, but with another whole human being on your shoulder is next level.

According to Big in Finland, wife-carrying was started in Finland, but people don’t actually know the origin of how the sport started. There are a few theories floating around. One says, it originated from a joke. Another says it originated from thieves stealing women and possessions. A third says they “stole” women essentially kidnapping the local women and marrying them. The last theory states that the same thief from the second theory used his thief henchmen to train while carrying heavy sacks and over time that evolved into carrying women. One motivation for this crazy sport: Alcohol. Winners get to have as much beer as they want.

Image Credit: Flickr
  1. Chess Boxing

Chess is a game of thought and intelligence that requires patience, skill, and strategy. Boxing is a hard-hitting sport of dominance, power, athleticism and show. But when you combine chess and boxing, you get a game of power with mental fitness and physical fitness. Again, this sport is exactly as it sounds, two people play chess in a boxing arena and in the process, either win the game of chess or knock their opponent out to claim victory. When you see the players playing chess, it does look funny and ridiculous, but don’t be fooled by the looks. Their punches could give you a black eye along with outsmarting you. So if you are a physical person, but you’re really intelligent, this might be the sport for you, but you might have to search for this hidden community and club.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
  1. Bossaball
Image Credit: Wikimedia

Bossaball is a strange name right? This unique game includes elements of various sports such as volleyball, football (soccer), and gymnastics, but this isn’t the only thing unique about this sport. It is a team game where participants jump on trampolines, do flips and kicks to keep the ball off of the floor. It is similar to volleyball, but you can’t use your hands. This sport is played with music in the background. This sport originated in Brazil, but the concept began in Belgium. Basically, Bossaball is played on a trampoline on each side of a volleyball-like net. The trampolines allow the players to bounce high and be able to jump and spike the ball over the net like in volleyball. According to Wikipedia, bossa is translated into style, flair or attitude. Also the website says Bossaball was aimed to combine sports, music, and positive vibrations. Wikipedia also claims that a Bossaball is played between two teams of four players. The objective of the game is the same as volleyball, to get the ball to touch the court (trampoline) floor. There are only specific touches that you can do as shown in this chart here:

Image Credit: Wikipedia
  1. Extreme Ironing

Ironing enthusiasts will love this bizarre “sport.” If you like danger, bragging, and keeping your clothes from wrinkling, this is the sport for you. This is a simple dangerous bragging game with irons and extreme places. According to Wikipedia, the nickname is of this sport is E.I. People go to exotic or extreme places such as underwater, skydiving, and bungee jumping with their iron and ironing boards. The sport is really self explanatory, but I would say this sport is really just to out-do your competitors online on social media. There’s no real “competition” with people going against each other. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia