Wakko Warner’s Bio

By Abby N.

Wakko Warner is the middle child of the Warners. Out of the three, Wakko uses the most physical comedy such as shapeshifting. He also uses the least wordplay, unlike Yakko, as he takes everything literally. He is also the only Warner to not speak in an American accent. He actually takes on a Scouse-British accent and sounds a bit like Ringo Starr. 


In the original show, he has a white face, black fur and white paws. He also has a red nose. He wears white gloves and has a backwards red baseball cap with small holes on the top for his ears to stick out. He also wears a sky-blue turtleneck sweater. He never wears pants as he said it’s “in his contract.” I think he just doesn’t want to, but who am I to judge? In the reboot, nothing has changed in his appearance except his colors are more saturated. 


Though all characters ask the Warners the same question, they never reveal what species they actually are. The Warners always give an unclear answer such as “cute” or “infested with fleas.” They have shown off some dog-like characteristics such as howling, barking and doing tricks for treats. The Warners have taken a DNA test in one episode where Wakko has said he was 5% salamander before dropping and regrowing his tail. The theory is that they are obviously some kind of hybrid. 


According to the Animaniacs Fandom Wiki, Wakko is “the younger brother with an unlimited slapstick energy and an appetite for pranks-and anything else he can fit in his mouth.” 

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Wakko is a very sweet, loving, fun and positive little boy, and very few things disappoint him. As such, he does the least intentional harm of the trio, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love joining the fun! In his segment “Be Like Me,” he describes himself by saying “(He) eats everything he sees, and will constantly stand up for (his) friends and fight back against bullies.” Despite his loving nature, he is prone to aggression and gets angry easily. 

Wakko carries a “gaggy bag” everywhere he goes (except the elevator apparently) from which he can pull anything he thinks of. His biggest trait is his appetite. He will eat anything he can get his hands on, edible or not, like rocks, tables, milkshakes (glass and all), iPads and even 22-year-old sandwiches. However, he will not eat mayonnaise. His hunger, usually for the sake of comedy, is briefly explained in one of the episodes. He is hypoglycemic, which means he has low blood sugar. 

Due to his chaotic tendencies, Wakko has some odd quirks. He is very musical as he can play piano, fiddle and harmonica. He has also been known to take off body parts temporarily, such as the time he used his tail as a golf club. As seen in the segment “Go Fish,” when he gets bored, he will play war with himself which usually ends in chaos and destruction. He also likes to mimic people when bored, as well as mimicking Yakko’s expressions and copying Dr. Scratchandsniff. He is very active. He is usually seen spinning or bouncing in the background. He seems to tug on his ears when anxious or upset. His favorite actor is Don Knotts, and he talks about him often. 

In the original show, he is very flirtatious and shows a large amount of interest in girls along with his brother Yakko. They like calling “Hellooooooooo, Nurse!” to any girls they find attractive (especially the character Hello Nurse). They often jump into their arms and laps, much to Dot’s disapproval. Yakko and his brother are very flirty, often asking women out or trying to kiss them. This trait is toned down in the reboot. 

Wakko takes everything literally. It takes Dr. Scratchandsniff, a psychiatrist, multiple times for Wakko to answer his questions like, “How do you feel?” Wakko responded to the questions like “my clothes” or “my head” instead of his emotions. He also is unable to pick up social cues without his siblings, remaining oblivious to Mr. Plotz’s frustrations with him in “Temporary Insanity” and Dr. Scratchandsniff’s anxiety when being trapped in an elevator with him. He also doesn’t seem to know what is considered “unusual” such as waving to a woman stuck in a tree without taking a second glance. Due to this trait, he is a little less knowledgeable of the world but is able to learn quickly when taught lessons or facts. 

His personality is notable through his unconventional traits which seems to give him low self esteem. He gets extremely upset and insecure when his siblings have bigger accomplishments than him such as Dot getting more fan mail than him or “Yakko’s World” being more popular than his own geography song. 


The full history of the Warners is shrouded in mystery. The parents are unknown, but they are sometimes connected to royal heritage. Dot’s full name is that of a princess, and they are shown as fighting for the throne in the episode “King Wakko.” They also have talked about their cousin Sakko Warner from time to time, but Sakko was never in an episode. 

Random Facts 

  • In the song “Hello Nurse,” Wakko claims to be 7 even though he is actually 11 years old. The writers of the song picked seven because it rhymes with heaven. (But so does eleven, so this is quite confusing.) 
  • Wakko is extremely afraid of clowns and dirty restrooms. 
  • He is the same height as Buster Bunny. 
  • Wakko is non-binary but goes by he/him pronouns. 

“Faboo!”-Wakko Warner 

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