Top Three Monster High Movies

By Gigi L.

Monster High movies are the best movies of all time. They are cinematic masterpieces that detail themes of friendship and individuality in a creative and interesting format. In simple terms, I love Monster High. This is an explanation of my top three favorite Monster High movies. (Warning: This article contains spoilers.)

3. Fright On!

In paraphrasing from the Monster High Wiki, the ghouls are excited to learn that their school will be welcoming students from two schools: an all-vampire school and an all-werewolf school. The problem is that historically, vampires and werewolves are sworn enemies. The first day of school, the vampires and werewolves separate from each other completely. In an attempt to unite them, Frankie holds a school dance. However, this is ruined by a man names Van Hellscream, who explains that he has come to run the school because the headmistress “quit.” While in his position as the new authority, he secretly fuels the feud between the vampires and werewolves. Realizing that something suspicious is going on, Frankie finds out that Van Hellscream turned the headmistress to stone to take her position. Worried Frankie will spill the beans, Van Hellscream kidnaps her, Lagoona, and Abbey in the catacombs. He also traps Draculaura and Howleen there and makes it seem like the vampires and werewolves kidnapped them. Infuriated, a fight breaks out between the monsters, and Van Hellscream invites the superintendents to look at the school in hopes that they will see the fight and separate the two groups again. Just before the fight, the ghouls burst in and reveal that it was Van Hellscream that kidnapped them. Then, Frankie gives a touching speech about friendship and unity, and Van Hellscream is exiled.

I enjoyed this movie very much. I think that it was the perfect amount of suspense mixed in with a good message. The only reason it is lower on this list is because I love the ones above it so much.

Movie poster for “Monster High: Fright On!”

2. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Draculaura’s 1600th birthday is coming up, and the ghouls are planning a huge party in the catacombs under the school. Clawd, Draculaura’s boyfriend, attempts to get her a present, but it ends up offending Draculaura. Draculaura then reveals to her friends that she used to date a vampire boy named Valentine, but she had to move away from him. Torelai, being the bully that she is, overhears this and creates a plan to ruin Draculaura’s birthday. She calls Valentine, imitating Draculaura’s voice, and asks him to come to Monster High. When he arrives, the two start spending time together and rekindle their connection. Draculaura is then forced to make a choice between Clawd and Valentine. She soon realizes that although Clawd isn’t perfect, he really cares about her and she chooses him. When she confesses to Valentine, who has been revealed to purposely break the hearts of the girls he originally dated once they were totally in love with him to “harvest their hearts” (weirdo), he is obviously not happy about this. He hypnotizes Draculaura into loving him. When her friends realize that something weird is going on, they investigate and learn about the spell. To make matters worse, Valentine has until Draculaura’s birthday to make her fall completely in love with him before the spell becomes permanent. The ghouls try to snap her out of it, but nothing works. Eventually, Clawd shows Draculaura the present he came up with: a box of things that reminds Draculaura of all the things they did together. She is so touched by this that the spell breaks and Valentine’s power is broken. 

I love this movie. It is the perfect mix of suspense and emotion. I was so invested and so interested in watching it.

Movie poster for “Monster High: Why do Ghouls Fall in Love?”

1. Frights, Camera, Action!

When Draculaura and her friends go to see a new movie about the Royal Vampire Court, Draculaura is very angry because it is not accurate. She then tells the story of the real Vampire Court, and that there is a Vampire Queen that has been missing for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, in Transylvania, Draculaura’s uncle has been put in charge of the Court until the Vampire Queen is found. In order to stay in power, he decides to find a “queen” that he can manipulate while he is actually the one ruling. He decides on Draculaura, whom he thinks is just young and naive, and travels to Monster High to tell her. She is ecstatic and she and her friends travel to Transylvania. While there, they learn that Draculaura is not the actual queen. Draculaura is devastated, because she thought that she was finally part of something important. She then decides to search for the real queen to “be important.” They find a letter inside of the castle written by the queen that gives clues to her location. The ghouls travel all across the monster world discovering more clues, which eventually lands them in Hauntlywood. There, they find out that the real queen is the actress from the movie Draculaura hated, and that she is Draculaura’s cousin. She takes power as the queen, and everyone is happy.

This is my absolute favorite Monster High movie. It’s such a cool concept and the suspense that they build throughout the movie keeps the watchers invested. Plus, the plot twist at the end was genuinely shocking.

Movie poster for “Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!”

Even though I love all the Monster High movies, these three hold a special place in my heart. If you have never watched “Monster High,” I highly recommend it. Your life will be changed.