Dot Warner’s Bio 

By Abby N.

Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III, aka Dot Warner, is the youngest of the Warner siblings. She is self proclaimed to be “the cutest on the show.” She cares deeply about her appearance and takes pride in her sarcasm and wit. 


Dot has black fur, a red nose and white paws. She wears a pink skirt and has her ears tied up with a yellow sunflower, kind of like a ponytail. 

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Though all characters ask the Warners the same question, they never reveal what species they actually are. The Warners always give an unclear answer such as “cute” or “infested with fleas.” They have shown off some dog-like characteristics such as howling, barking and doing tricks for treats. The Warners have taken a DNA test in one episode where Wakko has said he was 5% salamander before dropping and regrowing his tail. The theory is that they are obviously some kind of hybrid. 


According to her Fandom page on the Animaniacs Wiki, Dot is “dainty, demure and deliciously witty, this precocious little sweetheart is seriously cute…and she knows it.” 


Dot Warner is the baby of the family. She uses her cuteness to get whatever she wants and if she doesn’t, she resorts to violence. She uses “unexpected” comedy as she always uses her adorableness to rise above her enemies then uses whatever she has on hand. Whether it’s an oversized mallet or setting loose one of her demonic “pets,” her solutions are always unexpected. 

Despite being the youngest, Dot is very independent. In fact, she often takes care of her older brother Wakko, instead of the other way around. In “Be Like Me,” she described herself as “perfect, funny, cute and smart and strong,” as well as being able to fight off her enemies. Dot can sometimes be rude, usually by accident. She doesn’t care if she is annoying to other people and loves the attention she gets. She does get upset when she is not successful trying to get attention and becomes (more) aggressive. 

Despite her confidence and independence, she is a little sensitive, such as when she had a meltdown about messing up her lines in “Cutie and the Beast” and when she cried when someone else was known as “cute” in that same episode. 

She uses her cuteness to get out of difficult situations, such as when in the episode “Mr. Crazy Person,” she resorts to baby talk. Despite this, she actually hates being treated like a baby when she is not using her cuteness to her advantage. 

She is very musically talented, being able to play almost any instrument, but she can’t read sheet music. According to her brothers, she has a very bad singing voice and, according to Yakko, she is a bad actress. She likes reading, but she needs a certain level of noise to focus on reading; she can’t read when her brothers are playing because they get too loud. But, also if it is too quiet, she puts on death metal music. 

Though the Warners love each other, this doesn’t mean they do not argue. Dot gets upset at the boys when they flirt with a girl in front of her. When this occurs she says her iconic line, “Boys, go fig.” 

Image credit: Animaniacs Wiki


The full history of the Warners is shrouded in mystery. The parents are unknown, but they are sometimes connected to royal heritage. Dot’s full name is that of a princess, and they are shown as fighting for the throne in the episode “King Wakko.” They also have talked about their cousin Sakko Warner from time to time, but Sakko was never in an episode. 


  • She is 9 years old. 
  • She is ticklish. 
  • Dot is the same height as Babs Bunny.
  • Dot’s name came from the dot (period) at the end of the Warner Bros. title.

“And the Warner sister!”-Dot Warner

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