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Regional Latin Forum

By Duaa K.

In 7th grade, students can take either Latin or Spanish. This article will focus on the Latin Club because like one 8th-grade Latin Student, Gigi L. explained, “Latin slays.”

In Latin, students can participate in competitions where they can create original pieces of work and submit them for the chance of winning at the Latin Forum. Also, Latin students get to take a test where, if the score is good enough, they have the possibility to place! 

Creative projects include topics like drawings, such as black pencil, charcoal pencil, colored pencil, black ink, colored ink, chalk and pastel, and acrylic and oil. Other types of creative projects include making charts, posters, maps, mixed media, handicrafts, small and large models, pottery, sculptures, mosaics, games, miscellaneous (including jewelry), and costumes. Individual Academy students who placed for creative and graphic arts are:

7th Grade:

Duaa K. – Roman jewelry (miscellaneous)  – 1st

Morgan R. – mixed media – 3rd

Sophia W. – mixed media – 4th

8th grade:

Josie C. – map – 4th

Max F. – dramatic interpretation – 1st

Jaime F. – Roman shield – 4th

Parker M. – sculpture – 5th

Aidan P. – charts and posters – 4th

Sara P. – 2D digital art – 1st

Claudia R. – painting – 1st

Chloe S. – map – 2nd

Erik S. – costume of Pluto – 1st

Margarita V. – drawing – 4th

For Latin exams, topics include Classical Art, Classical Geography, Vocabulary, Derivatives, Grammar, Greek derivatives, Greek Literature, Hellenic History, History of the Monarch, History of Empire and Republic, Mottoes, Quotes, and Abbreviations, Mythology, and Vocabulary. If someone is interested in studying for these exams, the students can use the study guides on the Florida Junior Classical League website. According to the FJCL website, “At least 50% of the questions on each Regional Latin Forum test will be drawn from that test’s study guide. 100% of each Latin Grammar test will be drawn from the provided study guides.” Students who placed for Latin tests include:

7th grade:

Jenna B. – history of the monarchy and republic – 2nd

Dilana C.– derivatives – 5th

Gabriella C. – history of the monarchy and republic – 3rd

Hagan J. – Latin vocabulary – 4th

Duaa K. – Latin mottoes – 2nd

Maggie M. – history of the Roman empire – 5th

Morgan R. – mixed media – 3rd

Sophia W. – mythology 5th

Jillian W. – Latin grammar – 4th

8th grade:

Jaime F. – history of the Roman empire – 2nd

Gigi L. – Latin grammar – 1st

Aidan P. – Classical Geography – 1st

Lauren R.– Latin mottoes – 4th

Claudia R. – Classical Art – 1st

Chloe S. – mythology – 1st

Erik S. – history of the Roman empire – 3rd

Margarita V. – derivatives – 2nd

Thomas W. – Roman customs – 5th

Also at the Latin Forum, there are sports events labeled Olympika. Activities include Friscus, 100 Meter run, 1 mile, Gladiator, and Caesar Dicit. Unfortunately, nobody from Academy placed in the sports events this year at Regionals. 

The regional Latin forum this year was at Plant High School, and States takes place in Orlando. Plant High School kindly hosted Academy and eight to ten other schools this year on Saturday, Feb. 4. Once you arrive at Plant, students register their projects and attend the opening assembly. 

The opening ceremony consists of representing your Latin patriotic side and reviewing what the day will have in store for the students. Then, if you signed up for an Olympika event, you head over to the field and do your event. If you aren’t, you can participate in other things with your friends like karaoke, taking the mystery test, or doing the other activities they have planned for you. Later, you can watch the movie they choose in the auditorium, which this year was Disney’s “Hercules”! Once the movie is finished, lunch is served, and shortly after, awards occur.  Then, you can go home with your award in your hand! 

Overall, the Academy of the Holy Names won the 2nd place academic trophy. The 2nd place creative art trophy, and the 2nd place overall trophy. For me, the regional Latin forum was a very fun experience that I would for sure participate in again next year. Stay tuned for more, including an article about the State Latin Forum!

Photo Credit: Duaa K.

You can also read more about the State Latin Forum which was held at the end of March in Orlando.