Rating Barbie Movies (With Short Summaries)

By Julia M.


Image credit: Barbie Movies Wiki

Barbie as Rapunzel

This movie is one of my favorites. During the movie, Barbie switches between two worlds, one where she is trapped in a tower and the other where it is bright and cheerful. In this movie, she loves to paint but her stepmother forbade her from doing so. This leads to her secretly painting on her wall which opens up a fantasy realm that she can walk into. The characters in this new world then help her escape from her tower and live “happily ever after.”This movie was apparently the second Barbie movie ever produced ,and I say it is definitely one of the best ones.

Image credit: Barbie Movies Wiki

Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Barbie and the Diamond castle was always one of my favorite Barbie movies when I was younger, but I am sure most of you are more familiar with the dogs that accompany the main characters. Out of all the movies I’m rating, this one is rated the highest according to RottenTomatoes. In the beginning of the movie, Barbie and her friend live a simple life in their shared house. They have a garden and live right next to a calm stream. But when they are given an enchanted mirror, the girl who is trapped inside sends them on a journey to a Diamond castle. The “bad guy” in the story tests their friendship, and in the end they resolve their disagreements. Overall I think the plot of the movie is good.

Image credit: Barbie Movies Wiki

Barbie Fairytopia

Elina (a wingless fairy), a puffball named Bibble, and a giant butterfly search for a cure to the Magic Meadow when it begins to die. Laverna, an evil fairy, wants to stop them from doing so, and she sends her helpers out to capture Elina. In the end Elina breaks the magic necklace that controls Laverna, saving the meadow from her. I feel like this movie could have been better. I thought the scene where Bibble eats all the different kinds of fruits was funny and entertaining, but the rest of the movie seemed random. Overall the movie was okay but it could have been better.