Hallway of Rooms (Part 5 of a Series)

By Julia M.

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I watched in horror as the shadow completely disappeared. I rubbed my arm and hoped that whatever had just happened was a hallucination. Just then my vision became blurry and I darted my eyes around trying to focus on something. Suddenly, I was pulled forward, and I phased through the mirror. I still couldn’t focus my eyes and all I could tell was that wherever I was, it was bitterly cold. I shuddered and blindly felt the walls of the room I was in.

Slowly, I regained my vision and jumped when I saw my reflection. I looked crazy. My hair was tangled and matted, my eyes were bloodshot, and my legs looked scratched and scarred. After examining how I looked, fear set in. I was in a room with the walls, floor and ceiling covered in mirrors. Everywhere I looked I could see myself staring back at me. I punched the wall and shook my hand in pain. Yet, the mirror didn’t even have a scratch. I stomped the ground, same result. If everything was glass, why wouldn’t it break?

I began to spiral. After what felt like hours of staring back at my reflection, my face began to look warped. My reflection didn’t even look human. My hair was still the same, but my eyes had gotten bigger and darker, and my face shape was thinner. Worst of all, my mouth had begun to curve upwards, forming a creepy smile. No longer wanting to see my reflection, I shut my eyes.