Yakko Warner’s Bio

By Abby N.

Yakko Warner is the oldest of the Warner siblings and easily takes the role as the leader in all of the siblings’ antics. His full name is Yakko Alvin Warner. 


In the original show, Yakko has black fur with a red nose and white face and feet. He wears a pair of beige slacks that are pulled all the way up to his waist and are held in place with a black belt. In the reboot, his face and feet are a more saturated color and his slacks are less baggy. 

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Though all characters ask the Warners the same question, they never reveal what species they actually are. The Warners always give an unclear answer such as “cute” or “infested with fleas.” They have shown off some dog-like characteristics such as howling, barking, and doing tricks for treats. The Warners have taken a DNA test in one episode where Wakko has said he was 5% salamander before dropping and regrowing his tail. The theory is that they are obviously some kind of hybrid. 


Described in the theme song, Yakko is the one who “yaks” which is shown by his clever wordplay, irony, and wit. According to Yakko’s line in “Pitch Bible,” he says he is “the glib, fast-talker and sly wise-guy[…] the thinker, the planner, the schemer, and the trio’s recreation director.” 

He is indeed the talker of the siblings and is playfully cocky and disrespectful to adults. He is persistent and positive, determined to complete anything he sets his mind to. He is extremely hyper, rarely ever sits still but however, he is able to multitask. In the episode “Plotz’s Orders,” he plays paddle ball while having a conversation with someone behind him. 

He is known to tell the most adult jokes in the series and will end accidental innuendos by blowing a kiss and saying “Good Night Everybody!” He also has a large interest in girls with him and Wakko calling “Hellooooooooo, Nurse!” to any girls they find attractive (especially the character Hello Nurse). They often jump into their arms and laps, much to Dot’s disapproval. Yakko and his brother are very flirty, often asking women out or trying to kiss them. This trait is toned down in the reboot. 

Yakko is the main caretaker of his siblings for they are never seen with parents and apparently the siblings don’t even know if they have them! Though his siblings love and respect him, this doesn’t mean they don’t argue from time to time. It is revealed in the reboot that his siblings are jealous of his famous “Yakko’s World” song that is more successful than their own. He defends his role as “Teacher” and says he is the “smarty pants” and in fact “the only pants.”  

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The full history of the Warners is shrouded in mystery. The parents are unknown but they are sometimes connected to royal heritage. Dot’s full name is that of a princess, and they are shown as fighting for the throne in the episode “King Wakko.” They also have talked about their cousin Sakko Warner from time to time, but Sakko was never in an episode. 

Random Facts

  • Yakko is 14 years old. 
  • Yakko is ambidextrous. In most episodes he writes with his left hand but sometimes he writes with the other one.
  • His favorite color is lavender. 
  • He is lactose intolerant.
  • He is the same height as Bugs Bunny.

“Goodnight everybody!” -Yakko Warner 

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