Sims 4 Expansion Packs You NEED

By Abby N.

Jess Lee says, “Since the game’s launch in 2014, there have been more than 50 packs (including Kits) released across four different tiers of price points.” 

  • Get to Work: In this expansion pack, you can control your Sims as they go to work. New career choices are added to your game such as a detective, doctor and so much more! You can create your own business too! Customize your business to your liking and see those simoleons rolling in! Help your Sim learn new skills such as baking and photography! So many AMAZING new build mode items and CAS items are installed in your game so you can decorate to your heart’s content! 
  • City Living: Explore the city of San Myshuno! This new world has a neighborhood  filled with people of all ages and backgrounds! This gives your sims plenty to explore! Go to festivals to enrich your Sims in culture and entertainment. Let them watch street performers and meet many new people from all over the sims world. Choose the right apartment for your Sim and their family to live a life of luxury! All new CAS and build mode items are added to your game for hours of decorating fun!
  • Cats and Dogs: Create dogs and cats for your Sim to love! The special create a pet tool is added to your CAS. Choose the breed, fur color, pattern, and traits! Have your Sims bond with your pets and teach them tricks such as sit and fetch! A new career branch opens up as you can run and own your own vet business! Explore the new world, Brindleton Bay. Meet all the new people (and stray pets), and become friends! New CAS and build mode items are added for you to make your Sim’s companionship with their new pet as fun as possible!
  • Seasons: In the normal Sims game, it’s sad and boring. But with the Seasons Expansion Pack, it’s a new weather report every day! Enjoy Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring and all the weather changes that will affect your Sim’s daily life! Celebrate holidays with your Sim’s family and friends with the holidays that show up on the calendar. Just don’t plan any outdoor outings on a thunderstorm day! Discover the gardening career with lush beautiful plants you can grow in your Sim’s own backyard! New CAS and build mode items are added to your game to maximize the fun! 
  • Get Famous: Now your Sims can live their wildest dreams of fame and fortune. Claim their fame as an actor or influencer! But remember, the more fame you have, the more attention you get. Get your big break with commercials or a small role on television! Run the town in the new world added to your game called Del Soy Valley! Buy a house in the Hollywood Hills, and live a glamorous life! New CAS and build mode items are added to make your sim and their house as chic as possible! 
  • Discover University: Welcome to University! When your Sim ages to a Young Adult, you can apply to two universities! The University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute, you decide! After you apply, you get a letter in the mail that you got accepted! You can stay on campus, off campus, or at home! Enroll in classes that help you get a degree! Your grades matter, so make sure your Sim doesn’t skip class! Meet, mingle, and more with new people, and maybe fall in love! Explore the new world of Britechester, and love your life as a scholar! New CAS and build mode items make your experience many times better as a university student! 
  • Cottage Living: Welcome to Henford on Bagley where you can raise animals on your farm! Collect eggs, milk, and wool from animals that you raise! But look out for foxes that will eat your precious chickens! Live off the land with extensive gardens where you can grow crops and flowers to sell or eat! Embrace the village life and meet new people along the way! New items in CAS and build mode are bonuses for a fun time with your farm! 
  • High School Years: Welcome to Copperdale! Our school is Copperdale High School where you can follow your teen Sims to school and experience school with them! So many fun teen experiences can happen for your Sim like taking someone to prom, graduation, after-school activities, and a roller coaster of puberty! Sneak out, discover yourself, date many new people, and express yourself through style and the new social media app Social Bunny that is added to the phone! So many new teen outfits and teen decor in CAS and build mode are waiting for you!