Academy Life

Elective Season!

By Duaa K.

It’s that time of year! It is time for 6th and 7th graders to choose their electives for the new year. For some, it is nerve-racking trying to pick through what seems to be an endless amount of options to sort. But for others, it is incredibly easy to pick which ones they would like. For the people who do not know what they want to do, maybe because they don’t even know what every type of elective is even about, well don’t sweat! This is your guide to what every elective is about.

Drama – Drama is one of the electives that almost everyone should be familiar with. Choosing Drama as your elective means that you’ll be required to do tons of singing, acting, dancing, and choreographing. In Drama, you get to put on an extravagant musical/play that’s often from Disney, appropriate for children, or the Junior version. Also in Drama you get to participate in building a set and get familiar with theater tech. Usually, many people are trying to sign up for Drama, so it is hard to get into, but if you do just know you’ll be going through a journey of singing, dancing, acting, and choreographing.

Art – Art is also one of the most wanted electives, and one that basically everyone is familiar with. Picking Art as your elective means that you get to explore all art forms, such as pottery, 2D art, 3D art, sculptures, painting, and way more! Just remember, it might get a bit MESSY!

Yearbook – In Yearbook you get to transform your yearbook into something that you will love and cherish forever, While in Yearbook you get to make decisions on the content and pictures that will be featured in the yearbook of that year. From yearbook class you can gain knowledge of how to form pages and learn how the yearbook is developed.

Web Design – In Web Design, you go through a curriculum to learn about HTML and CSS. You will learn design principles and how to program animations, games, interactive art, and will develop your own interactive games. It is a class that is perfect for students who want to learn more about their technology and how to use it in the very best way possible. 

Photography – Photography class is a place where you can learn the proper techniques to execute some of the greatest photos you might ever take and to explore graphic design concepts. This elective is ideal for students who appreciate the art of photography and who want to improve their photography skills.  “My favorite project that we did in photography was taking action photos,” explains Olivia T., 7th grader.  

Journalism – In Journalism class, you are able to express your creative side through writing articles that are later published on our website, The Academy Associate! We also learn background information about journalism, media literacy, critical analysis, investigation, interviewing, editing and design. The Journalism elective is perfect for people who love to embrace their writing skills and questions. 

“I like journalism because it is very funsies and chill. My favorite project I wrote is ‘The History Battles.’” says 8th-grade editor, Gigi L.

Guitar – This class will enhance your musical ability, a great way for you to learn how to play an instrument or add it to your repertoire. Unfortunately, this class did not run this year due to a lack of students participating. 

Rock Band and Singers – Rock band is a small ensemble where musicians can get together and experience all the playing, rehearsing, working together, and performing that a real rock band goes through. Students will also be gaining experience with instruments such as keyboards, drums, bass, guitars, and more.