My Favorite Flowers and Why

By Amelie S.


Lilies are not very fragrant and smell a bit bad in my opinion, but they are beautiful and come in a lot of different colors. They also have unique petal designs that I love. Lilies also have many different colors like pink, white, and orange, and can come in different color variations. According to Bloom & Wild, the most common meaning of lilies is purity. 

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Amaryllis flowers most commonly come in shades of red but can also have gorgeous shades of pink, orange, and white. They are very easy to care for, and their bloom lasts a few weeks. According to Interflora, the amaryllis flowers are seen as a representation of pride, determination, and strength.  

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Most iris flowers have a lovely blue-purple color. They can also come in colors like yellow and white depending on their lower classifications. The iris flower has a very pleasant smell as well. As stated by HGTV, “They can represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration.” 

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This is a pretty basic choice, but roses come in a lot of stunning colors. Roses have a very enjoyable smell as well. Although roses have thorns, their petals have a soft and delicate feel which also makes them one of my favorite flowers. According to Harlow Gardens, red roses represent beauty, love, and courage, and yellow roses can represent friendship and joy. 

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The sunflower, another pretty common flower, is also one of my top choices of flowers. Their shades of yellow and orange are literally perfect for the flower. The inner circle part of the flower is not really ideal looking, but the petal around it definitely makes up for it. According to Bloom and Wild, the sunflower can convey loyalty and adoration. 

Photo credit: Unsplash