Academy Life

Clubs That Should Be Added in Middle School

By Zoey G. and Amelie S.

At Academy, there are multiple afterschool clubs that are offered to middle school students, but there could be even more variety. We have some ideas for more clubs that could be offered to expand the variety of clubs. According to The Princeton Review, “…Participation in clubs can hone your communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach you how to work effectively with other people.”  

Ribs and Rosary & Chicken and Chess

Both Ribs and Rosary and Chicken and Chess were suggested by Mr. Fulton and Mr. Trueman. Chicken and Chess would be about the supervisor (whichever teacher is in charge) making/bringing chicken to make/eat while students learn and play chess. In Ribs and Rosary Club, you would get to eat some wonderful ribs while praying and talking about the rosary. 

History Club 

In History Club, the people who partake in it would get to strengthen their knowledge of history. Mr. Trueman and Mr. Buysse, if they choose to participate, would make social studies more fun than in class. 

Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club would be like drama class, but you would make your own skits throughout the year and have a large play at the end. The Performing Arts Club could possibly partner up with Film Club to make an end-of-the-year movie. 

Film Club

Film Club would be like the Book Club but watching movies, shows, and short films and analyzing them for key events and styles. Near the end of the year for the club, students would make their own short films. We think this would be a good addition because it would improve the students’ taste in arts and expand creativity. 

Gardening Club

In Gardening Club, we would make a garden, where the last garden was, in the parking lot of the faculty. One (or more) teachers would overlook and manage the garden and keep it up every week. People in the club would learn about different plants and how to properly take care of plants. 

Editing Club

In Editing Club, we would learn about different transitions and learn how to use various editing apps and websites. You would also get to make edits to the school’s social media pages. We feel this would be a great add-on to the middle school clubs.