Hallway of Rooms (Part 2 of a Series)

By Julia M.

You can read Part 1 of this series here.

I quickly realized that this was an infinite hallway of dimly lit rooms that were all painted a sickening yellow-beige color. It seemed like the more doors I opened and the further I went, the more the paint on the walls began to peel and flake off. The once new-looking building began to look as if it was abandoned. I had to take in every detail about this building in order to escape. 

As I went from room to room, I began to collect some of the items I found. Maybe they’d become helpful in the future; that’s probably why they were there. The items I’d gathered included a nearly empty matchbox, a clear glass jar, a torn towel, and a pen. Out of all the other random objects I found, these were the most useful because I could make tools out of them.

I gathered all of my items and decided to explore some more. Even though I was beginning to lose hope in finding anything new, there was always a possibility that I was simply missing something. Opening a few more doors, I examined every little thing from the ceiling to the floor. 

I began to notice that every door had a number faintly engraved on it. Assuming this was important, I started to take note of the number on every door. Although the numbers were jumbled around and not in a specific order, I continued to write them on my arm using the pen I’d found. 

Opening yet another door, I saw that this one didn’t have a number on the door. I scanned the room and noticed a square cut out in the carpet below me. Peeling the rug back revealed a door secured with an old-looking lock: the exit.

To be continued in Part 3