Best and Worst Bottled Water

By Gigi L.

We all drink water. Water is quite literally the base of all life. However, some water is better than others. This is a list of the best and worst bottled water brands.

Last Place: Dasani

Coming in last place is our good friend Dasani. Water isn’t supposed to have a flavor, so why is it spicy? It tastes like pool water. Dasani just isn’t giving what it should be giving. In all honesty, it just makes your dehydration worse. If I was drying up into dust in the desert and I only had Dasani, I would just die.

Photo Credit: H-E-B

4th Place: Aquafina

Aquafina is literally just Dasani with prettier packaging. It tastes a little less like sewer water, but it’s still not great. Plus, according to 21 Ninety, “When tested for its pH level, Aquafina came up acidic.” No ma’am. Absolutely not. Stop.

Photo Credit: Walgreens

3rd Place: Smart Water

Smart Water is okay. It still has a weird undertone of taste, but overall, I don’t absolutely hate it. I’d drink this if I was really thirsty. Plus, it’s endorsed by Zendaya, so I have to give it some points.

Photo Credit: Zendaya Updates

2nd Place: Fiji

Fiji is good. It has a taste, but unlike the unholy Dasani, it’s not a bad taste. It gives off tropical vibes. It’s just very calming. It tastes expensive, and it is. The only reason it’s not higher on the list is because one bottle is like $10. 

Photo Credit: Bishop Water Company

1st Place: Zephyrhills 

In first place is the best bottled water you will ever consume. It’s just so refreshing. It has a flavor, but it’s so subtle and it just blends in with the natural essence of the water. I can’t describe it. It’s that good. All hail Zephyrhills. 

Image Credit: Zephyrhills & Gigi L.