Academy Life

Study Hacks to Help Get an A

By Amelie S.

I am guessing you have a test that you need to study for. Iโ€™m also guessing that you have not prepared for it one bit. So, I will give you some easy ways to study and memorize. 

  1. Write down your notes by hand

Though it may be easier to type your notes, according to Deep Patel of Entrepreneur, it is more effective to actually write them by hand. Writing notes down by hand helps your brain retain information better through muscle memory. This muscle memory will help keep the information in your brain for longer which will help you remember the information on the test. 

  1. Mnemonic devices

These are patterns of letters or sounds that help you remember large amounts of information. One that you’ve probably heard of is the โ€œABCsโ€. Other examples of mnemonics are โ€œPEMDASโ€  and โ€œDear King Philip Came Over For Good Soupโ€. Mnemonics help to simplify and compress info to make it easier for you to remember. These especially help memorize, or help, long or hard materials. 

  1. Brain Breaks

Sometimes in class or when studying you can kind of โ€œzone outโ€ or get distracted. This usually happens when feeling overwhelmed or confused. So, brain breaks can give our brain a break and sort of re-focusing it. Whether itโ€™s a minute or ten, it can help you to re-focus your brain. 

I hope these tips will help you ace your next test. I also wish you luck on your assessments!

Never regard study as a duty, but as an enviable opportunity to learn.โ€

– Albert Einstein 
Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters, Unsplash