Academy Life

Welcome to the Academy, Mr. Belush

By Gigi L.

This year, there is a new member of the AHN 8th grade team. His name is Mr. Belush, and he teaches social studies and religion classes.

Q: Where did you teach before you came here?

Mr. Belush: Leonard High School in Shanghai, China, then Dowdell Middle School

Q: Why did you decide to come to the Academy?

Mr. Belush: For better opportunities, professional growth, and higher academia

Q: How do you like it here so far?

Mr. Belush: It is absolutely amazing

Q: Now for the important stuff. Which fast food restaurant do you believe has the best french fries?

Mr. Belush: *Contemplates* Mel’s Hotdogs loaded fries

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Mr. Belush: I really don’t watch TV.

Q: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob and why?

Mr. Belush: I’m Team Jacob, werewolves all day. OMG TAYLOR LAUTNER!

Q: What is your favorite football team?

Mr. Belush: The New York Jets

Q: You’ve been given a raccoon. You cannot give away or sell the raccoon. What would you do with the raccoon?

Mr. Belush: If it’s a baby raccoon, I’d house-train it. If it’s an old raccoon, it’s a chew toy for my dogs.

Q: If you were a Bath and Body Works candle, what would you smell like?

Mr. Belush: Pumpkin spice. I’m basic.

Q: If there was a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

Mr. Belush: Samuel L. Jackson

Q: Finally, the most important question. This question may make or break your career. Who is your favorite Teletubby?

Mr. Belush: La La 

Although I do not agree that La La is the best teletubby, overall, Mr. Belush seems like a pretty cool guy. Welcome to the Academy, and we hope you have a great time here.