The Cross Country Season Has Ended

By Amelie S.

The cross country team trained exceedingly hard this year. They trained by running routes over by the soccer field. One of the many routes is the fun run. For this one, you have to run around the soccer field, behind the back of the softball field, and in front of the pool. But wait! It’s still not done! You still have to run across the bridge, loop around, and start the route again by going to the soccer field yet again. 

There was one new route added to the list this year, the pool route! For this one, you go around the soccer field, around the back of the softball field, in front of the pool, and back to the field. 

The team also did a lot of drills during their practices like Indian sprints and timed runs. 

In all of the races they went to, the team members pushed extremely hard and got in the top 10 occasionally. Unfortunately, the cross country team did not qualify for postseason competition, but the girls’ cross country team did keep the championship trophy. 

According to Coach Doyle, the top time for girls was 14:29 for 2.2 miles. This was run by Avery M. and was also her personal record. The best time for boys was by Lucus L. and was 14:42. This was also his personal record. 

Overall, cross country is very entertaining, and I would recommend joining! Everyone on the team is nice and supportive! 

Image Credit: Unsplash