Meme Ranking

By Gigi L.

A meme is difficult to explain. It is so abstract, yet so confined. According to Wikipedia, “A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning.” In simpler terms, a meme is a popular, funny picture or video. Memes define our generation. They are art. They are masterpieces. If Leonardo DaVinci saw them, he would die a second time. However, some memes are superior to others. Please enjoy this ranking of my personal top-five favorite memes.

5. Doge

Doge is a classic. He has been a part of our lives for so many years. Every time you see him, you can’t help but smile. They even made him into a currency. It would be a crime not to include him on this list.

Photo Credit: Cointelegraph

4. Rickroll

This is arguably one of the most popular memes of all time. You know the feeling when you send someone a “very important document,” and it’s just a Rickroll. Rickroll wreaks havoc. It’s fantastic.

Photo Credit: The Verge

3. Get Krissed

Although this meme isn’t as classic as some of the others on this list, it is still amazing. I myself have used it many times. I’ll text my friends and say, “My lizard is in the hospital,” and they’ll say, “What?!” And then, I send them this absolute gem.

Photo Credit: MsKendallandKylie

2. Woman yelling at confused cat

This one is beautiful. It is just so emotional. Not only is it funny, but there is a deep, underlying meaning. The woman is clearly quite dismayed, yet the cat is simply perplexed. I love this meme.

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

1. Crying Cat

And finally, in the number one spot, is the crying cat. This meme is dear to my heart. It has gotten me through some very difficult times. It is so versatile, yet every meme it is included in is just perfect. It is glorious. It is holy. It is the best meme of all time.

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this meme ranking. If you don’t agree, too bad. I’m obviously right.