Rating Halloween Costumes!

By Duaa K.

Okay, let’s just admit Halloween is hands-down one of the BEST holidays there is. I mean free candy, getting to dress up, getting scared? What more could you ask for? But getting dressed up is probably the best part, so let’s see if these costumes are Halloween-worthy! 

Cat Costume                               

Photo Credit: Getty Images

You probably don’t care too much about Halloween, or you just made a last-minute costume because Halloween snuck up on you. Either way, this costume is pretty basic, but it still looks cute, so who cares? 6/10

Donut Costume 

Photo Credit: Walmart

I mean you are what you eat. #Respect. But, I do think that this costume is used way too often, especially for its price of $40! No ma’am. There isn’t even a way that you can incorporate a donut costume in real life, so it’s a no for me. 5/10

Superhero Costume

Photo Credit: Target

The superhero costume is a pretty basic, standard costume that you see kids, adults, and teens wear every year. You have a childlike fantasy of saving the world and a desire to fight evil and be the main character in life even if you aren’t. 7/10

Stranger Things Costume

Photo Credit: Amazon

A “Stranger Things” costume is most likely going to be the most popular costume this year because everyone was obsessed with it this summer. It’s a look for sure. A great one? I don’t think so. The 80s fashion never really made sense to me. But some people can make it work! 6.5/10