The Adventures of the Animals in the Courtyard

Photo Credit: Zoey G.

In the mysterious world of the courtyard at AHN, the animals buzz with excitement over the crumbs of leftover food. The animals scurry around and try to steal the food from each other. The animals are dashing, running, chasing, flying, all fighting over a single chip.

Then, the squirrels hide in the bushes, waiting until the kids leave and the birds are unaware. Later, the pigeons in the courtyard trees fly gracefully down to get a pinch of food. The crows squawk loudly, fighting against many other crows. They fight for one piece of a Cheeto on the sidewalk near the benches at the four square courts.

The kids flood back from specials, and the animals scurry away sneaking one last piece of food before they go. When snack time is done, the animals fade away scampering back into hiding. The animals keep a close eye on the children as they forage for new food. The crows fly away to the Bayshore playground to take up their vantage points to spot food. The pigeons sit on the power lines, while the squirrels eat and hide their food. It’s soundless when the classes are ongoing.

There is no buzz around the courtyard, and everything is dead silent until lunch…

Image Credits to Mrs.Swiger and Zoey G.