Rating Clothes

By Julia M.

Photo Credit: Emmiol

This is an 8/10 because the baggy ripped jeans look good and are more comfortable than the typical ripped skinny jeans. They’re more fashionable and can be styled with simple tops. These are better because ripped skinny jeans are uncomfortable and kind of basic. I would rate this higher but if you’re out on a sunny day you’ll definitely get a terrible tan.

Photo Credit: ICANIWILL

10/10 Sweatpants are always comfortable and can be matched with basically any top. They are typically worn during fall and winter and are overall a good pick.

Photo Credit: Shopify

9/10 It honestly depends on the type of hoodie you have, but usually they’re really comfortable. Most people own them and I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t own at least one. They’re popular and for a good reason. 

Photo Credit: we are knitters

5/10 Cardigans look okay, but I’ve honestly only ever seen English teachers wear these. I wouldn’t buy one if I saw it, but I feel like it can be easily matched with other clothes. It is definitely not my favorite option.

Photo Credit: Zaful

8/10 Tank tops are cute and can be easily matched with jeans, shorts and skirts. They’re pretty popular and a bit basic, yet a good choice.