Pinocchio 1940 Movie Review

By Abby N.

If you don’t live under a rock, you might have heard of the new, AWFUL Pinocchio remake. In honor of the terrible movie, let’s review the original, animated version from 1940. Basically, the movie is about a puppet who comes to life and has to not give into temptations to become a real boy. This movie may have dark scenes such as being kidnapped, drinking, smoking, swearing and the iconic donkey scene but it is a harmless and meaningful movie. It offers a “scare them straight” kind of lesson. 

Being made in 1940, the animation is amazing and the voice acting is ON POINT. A cute little puppet, a comedic relief cricket and a good storyline makes this a very good children’s movie. This is a 10/10 film. 

Let’s look at the Common Sense Media reviews from adults and children. Chaka Connie, a female adult, says in her review, “Wow. This movie has not stood the test of time. Very inappropriate content. Child kidnapping and trafficking?! Does anyone care about the kids that were left in cages on Pleasure Island? The story is so peculiar. Wonder what hallucinogens the writers were using. I told our kids that I hadn’t seen this movie since I was a small child. Remembered why after watching it. Kids hated it.” 

Persi, an anonymous adult, tells us in her review, “Underage drinking and smoking. Disturbing scenes like a child being unwillingly transformed into a donkey while having a full-blown panic attack, kicking and screaming for help and for his mom. Children are transformed into donkeys and taken away to salt mines; this is portrayed as justified and what happens to ‘bad’ kids. They don’t get rescued and the adults are not punished. Every child is different but parents should be very cautious. I still can’t watch this movie as an adult and become distressed just thinking about it.” 

An anonymous 13-year-old student replied, “Disney’s masterpiece is darker than you may remember but has good messages.” Wow. This kid knows what they’re talking about.

This film may be outdated but still has its message. Always let your conscience be your guide.